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Henry Fawell, founder of Campfire Communications, has been named to the Maryland Clean Energy Center’s Advisory Council for the second straight year.

The Maryland Clean Energy Center (MCEC) advances the adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency products, services and technologies. MCEC engages in efforts to help create and retain jobs; drive economic and business development; assist in the commercialization of technologies; reduce energy costs for consumers, and drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of fossil fuels. The Advisory Council assists in developing strategic objectives for MCEC.

Fawell leads comprehensive strategic communications campaigns for leaders in the energy sector. His clients include offshore and onshore wind developers, utility-scale solar energy developers, wholesale electric cooperatives, and global non-governmental organizations dedicated to energy efficiency reforms. Campfire’s team has participated in the development of nearly 1,500 megawatts of energy through robust marketing and communications campaigns.