In insights
  1. How hunger relief sparked Tyson Foods’ digital engagement strategy ( – Tysons Foods was one of the first big brands to branch out in social media, and it all started as a corporate social responsibility effort to support hunger relief.
  2. FCC Commissioner takes aim at media relations (Broadcast & Cable News) – Here is a great lesson in the tension between government agency media relations teams and the political appointees they are supposed to serve.  FCC commissioner Ajit Pai argues that his agency’s media relations team provides FCC agenda items to the press before they are circulated to commissioners. He pointed out that he is prevented from talking about those same items with outside parties and sometimes only learns about them via the press.
  3. Rolex tops list of brands with best global corporate reputations (PR Week) – Watch maker joins Google and others atop list of brands that enjoy high marks for innovation, governance, citizenship and more.
  4. The science behind how leaders connect with their teams (Harvard Business Review) –Research shows that in leaderless groups, leaders emerge by quickly synchronizing their brain waves with followers through high quality conversations. Verbal communication plays a large role in synchronization, especially between leaders and followers.