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1.) Operation Smile launches viral campaign for World Health Day (K Street Cafe) — Operation Smile recently launched a viral social campaign on World Health Day. The objectives of the campaign are to spread awareness about cleft deformity and to generate donations that fund corrective surgery for children across India.

2.) When PR takes patience… (Ground Floor Media) — While PR is a very effective way to build brand awareness, thought leadership and credibility, it is not a quick fix – and that can, understandably, create frustration at times.

3.) Marketers, let your egos go (Harvard Business Review) — Marketing has changed a lot since Don Draper ruled Madison Avenue.  In the 21st century, marketing is a combination of power storytelling and hard data-crunching. 

4.) Writing tip: Say it backwards (Seth Godin’s Blog) — Seth writes that the world already knows you think your company is great, so stop selling us that predictable line. Instead, he’s recommends a different approach.