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1) Former Obama group solicits stories on impact of sequestration (TechPresident) — Organizing for Action on Wednesday asked the members of its e-mail list to share personal stories on how the looming automatic budget cuts, known as the sequestration, would affect them. House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer did the same through Twitter.

2) How to improve your business writing (Harvard Business Review) — You lose time, money, and credibility when you settle for poor business writing. In this podcast interview, Bryan Garner of Black’s Law Dictionary outlines tools you need to write clearly and persuasively. 

3) Is it OK to ask to review a journalist’s article? (PR Daily) — Most PR professionals—particularly the experienced ones who have been in the business for many years—would likely answer that question with an emphatic “no” – but there may be some exceptions. 

4) How to run a great online advocacy campaign (Powell Tate) — The team at Powell Tate says a great online campaign relies on three main pillars: content creation and curation, community management and paid media.