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  1. Corporate activism on the rise (ReputationExchange) – An interesting new study recently surfaced showing how major corporations are under pressure to weigh in on social issues —Taking a Stand: How Corporations Speak Out on Social Issues. Nearly 100 companies found that in the past three years, 6 in 10 experienced rising stakeholder pressure to speak up and out on social issues such as discrimination, sustainability, education and human rights.
  2. Engaging e-mail natives (Bulldog Reporter) – Millennials overwhelmingly prefer that brands they like communicate with them via email, according to new research from marketing agency BrightWave, which recently released findings based on extensive original research about Millennials and email.
  3. 10 skills for a successful PR campaign ( — Public relations professionals have a symbiotic relationship with the media. We provide them interesting content and connect them with expert sources for their stories, and in return, they provide us with valuable coverage and exposure for our clients. The foundation to this relationship is knowing the media’s beat and focus.
  4. Getting news coverage in a non-stop news cycle (Shift Communications) – On a given day, The New York Times published 492 articles online.  Our jobs are to find ways to breakthrough, even when it seems impossible. Here are some tips.