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1. Will a robot take your job? Not if you’re creative (CSC) — Artificial intelligence will transform the employment landscape in the years ahead, but research shows that communications professionals and other creatives are least likely to be impacted.

2. Reimagining marketing communications via storytelling (Adage) — Georgia-Pacific Chief Marketing Officer Douwe Bergsma outlines how storytelling should be a fundamental strategic approach to how organizations view their communication efforts.

3. 38 incidents of CEO bad behavior – and their consequences (Harvard Business Review) – To examine how corporations handle allegations of CEO misbehavior, researchers conducted an extensive review of news media between 2000 and 2015. They identified 38 incidents where a CEO’s behavior garnered a meaningful level of media coverage. The fallout may surprise you.

4. Why scaling strategy must include policy engagement (1776) — Josh Pudnos writes that too many new companies suffer from the belief that government should stay out of their way. What they don’t understand is that, when new innovation is involved, industries must educate lawmakers about the benefits or reasonable risks that come with a new technology or service.