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  1. How Mattel’s comms team prepared for the worst when it launched ‘curvy Barbie’ (PR Week) – The iconic brand Barbie recently revealed an expanded Fashonistas line featuring three new body types and seven skin tones. However, in the seven months before the launch, Barbie’s comms team was preparing for a “worst case scenario” response from the public.
  2. VW’s Crisis Strategy: Forward, Reverse, U-Turn (The New York Times) — In the months since it admitted it designed its diesel cars to cheat on tailpipe-emissions tests, Volkswagen has struggled with its messaging.
  3. Why Snapchat is an important media company (Both Sides of the Table) — Venture capitalist Mark Suster dispels the notion that social media app Snapchat is only for kids.  To the contrary, Suster says the app’s immediacy and 100 million daily users open up a world of opportunities for brands.
  4. Affordable Care Act Changes How Blue Cross Blue Shield Sees Social Media ( – Lynde O’Brien of Blue Cross and Blue Shield discusses how the social team began to weave itself into the organization’s work. Instead of being seen as a “nice to have,” the social team wanted to be a part of the business, the “soccer assist” to other departments.