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The paywalls are coming.  So are the journalist buyouts.  And both impact how organizations will get their message out in the future.

Gannett, owner of 81 community newspapers and USA Today, announced this week it will erect paywalls on nearly all of its newspaper websites.  So did The Los Angeles Times.  They join the The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun-Times, The (Baltimore) Sun and others in closing the spigot of free online content to non-subscribers.

But that’s not all: Gannett also announced new buyouts of more than 600 employees.  In early February, The Washington Post announced its fifth round of buyouts and big revenue losses. The same can be said for the Kansas City Star and The Chicago Tribune. Rest assured, more will come.

Those of us who work with newspapers should take note: The newsrooms we work with will have far less institutional knowledge than a decade ago, putting well-rounded coverage of our clients at risk.  And advertisers will need convincing that a paywall-protected news site is the right place to invest their ad budgets.