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1) The best corporate reputations in America (Reputation Institute) — You may be surprised what company tops a list of the most reputable companies in America, according to new rankings by the Reputation Institute and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship.

2) Social media and the 2012 political campaign (e.politics) — Author Beth Becker says the first rule for campaigns to keep in mind is that while a campaign most likely can’t win without social media use in 2012, no campaign will win based solely on social media.

3) Ragu’s social media faux pas offers lessons for brands (PR Daily) – – Ragu experienced a social media crisis last week when it published a video featuring three mommy bloggers talking about what happens when dads cook.

4) How not to give terrible presentations ( — As the CEO of Sunnyvale, California–based Serious Energy, Kevin Surace makes about 50 presentations a year on sustainability and green job creation. He admits to being more than slightly obsessive. And he is unsparing in what he thinks of most talks: “The vast majority of presentations are terrible.” Here are some tips to help you be unterrible.