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1) In data breach solutions, don’t forget the bloggers (Bulletproof Blog) — While traditional media coverage of a data breach is usually limited to the initial announcement and major subsequent developments, tech-savvy bloggers often give the story blow-by-blow treatment. Your company’s reputation may rise or fall depending on how aggressively you seek to influence their coverage.

2) How “Yoga Mommas” helped Cargill build awareness of its Truvia brand (The Blog Council) — Cargill’s Chris Obrey discusses the importance of the “Yoga Momma” community in increasing awareness about Cargill’s natural sweetener product.

3) The web is increasingly linking campaigns and voters (The Wall Street Journal) — While few expect Web ads to supplant television commercials in political campaigns anytime soon, strategists say online ads may be the most nimble, efficient and cost-effective way to reach voters in 2012.

4) How the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street appear on the Web (Huffington Post) — A new survey suggests that communication about the Tea Party is insular and driven by a tightly knit group while discussion of Occupy Wall Street is more chaotic and absent of leadership.