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Creating a corporate narrative can do more than generate good PR for your company.  It can also generate venture capital investments.  So says Mark Suster, whose venture capital firm manages more than $1 billion in investments.

“The single most important thing…is the narrative.  It’s the story.  It’s ‘Why is this compelling?’ Not letting yourself get in to the weeds on details…Create a story. Create a narrative. Keep it high level.” — Mark Suster

Here are Suster’s remarks in full:


Creating such a narrative can be harder than you think.  When you’re passionate about a product you built from the ground up, it’s easy to get comfortable using jargon that few outside your industry (or company) even understand. To help you create a corporate narrative that is distinct, memorable, and actionable consider getting an outside perspective on your company’s unique value.  As Suster makes clear, the impact of such an exercise can often be felt on your company’s bottom line.