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1) #StopKony: The viral video that sparked a broader debate (Tech President) — A viral marketing campaign targeted at Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony – called “Kony 2012” – is fascinating and controversial all at once.

2) Could Pixar’s ‘”Secret Story Guidelines” work for your team? (Harvard Business Review) — Back in Pixar’s scrappy start–up days its management team devised a set of “story guidelines” to help separate its movies from the competition. Judging by the company’s meteoric success, your company may benefit from such guidelines too.

3) Xerox CEO on the rising role of reputation (Forbes) —   Xerox’s Ursula Burns argues that companies can lure talent with big money and sexy job titles, but to keep the best people, a pristine reputation really counts.

4) Fixing newspapers’ misguided approach to digital ads (Fast Company) — According to a new Pew study, the newspaper industry has not moved very far down the road toward a sustainable business model — even though overall newspaper ad revenue has fallen by more than half in just a few years.