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1) What the Girl Scouts can teach your business about marketing (Start Up Nation) — From the outside, the Girl Scouts may look like most other non-profit groups that set up outside the local Walmart to sell their wares.  But when it comes to marketing and sales, we can all learn a lot from the girls in green.

2) Cable leads the pack as campaign news source (Pew Research) — Cable news is now the top regular source for campaign news, with 36% of Americans saying they are regularly learning about the campaign on those networks.  Also, the long-term decline in the number of Americans who get campaign news from local and network TV has only gotten worse.

3) Obama campaign launches “Truth Teams” to combat misinformation (The Hill) — The Obama campaign on Monday launched a new effort to rally grassroots supporters to join “Truth Teams” by fighting what it considers word-of-mouth “misinformation” about President Obama.

4) Five elements of a successful media embargo (PR Daily) — Some claim the embargo is dead.  Others say it’s alive and well. This writer says the embargo still works if it’s executed properly and if it includes five key elements.