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1)  Why some ads go viral and others don’t (Harvard Business Review) — It’s the holy grail of digital marketing: the viral ad, a pitch that large numbers of viewers decide to share with family and friends. Three Harvard professors used infrared eye-tracking scanners to determine exactly what people are look at they watch video ads.

2) Email still outpaces social media (PR Daily) — A survey conducted last month by Ipsos found that 85 percent of people with Internet access send and receive email, whereas 62 percent of those surveyed use social media.

3) Digital diplomacy at the State Department (Tech President) — A new report from the Lowy Institute, an Australian international policy think tank, delivers a remarkably detailed look behind the scenes of State’s digital democracy efforts and asks: what has it all accomplished?

4) How to breathe life into an old blog (Copy Blogger) — Starting a company blog is like making a massive mud pie. It’s a major undertaking, yes, but an exciting one. Here are tips to revive that blog if it’s become a bit stale over time.