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Congratulations to our former colleague Ted Claypoole on his new book “Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online?”  This is sorely needed reading for the modern professional or job seeker and we were honored to give Ted our perspective on how to protect your corporate reputation online.

We’ve often referred to the web as a virtual handshake – the first chance customers, investors and potential employers have to size you up, look you in the digital eye and judge your character.  The rule applies to both companies and individuals.

Customers explore online reviews before buying a product or service. Employers check the online activities of job applicants before deciding who to hire.  Fair or not, they often move on when they don’t like what they see.

The good news is most threats to your online reputation are fixable. “Protecting Your Internet Identity” shows why you should care about your online reputation and how to fix it.  Both novices and experts will benefit from Ted’s insights. If you follow his advice, you may still lose out on that big job opportunity, but it won’t be because of your online reputation.