In insights, morning embers

1) Don’t be Dickens: How to succeed in business writing (Harvard Business Review) — David Silverman argues that the difference between business writing and all other forms of expression is one thing: a call to action. He also quips that Charles Dickens is not a good model for today’s business writers.

2) American Express talks Facebook ( — American Express VP Julie Berkun Fajgenbaum discusses the credit card company’s deep reliance on Facebook and other social media sites to connect with its customers.

3) Journalism shedding its old mass media skin (Fast Company) — The FCC last week unveiled the largest federally commissioned report on the future of journalism.  The report makes clear that the ground is shaking underneath what used to be called journalism.

4) The social media/First Amendment face-off ( — Joshua Engel reports on the debate over whether the First Amendment limits the government’s ability to obtain information from social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.