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1) The best and worst ad campaigns of all time (The Atlantic) — What’s in a slogan? Author Nigel Hollis says it’s one part elegant phrasing, two parts brand positioning, and a glaze of virtue and idealism. And don’t forget a pinch of good luck.

2) This rumpled icon is the Don Draper of public relations (PR Daily) — Bob Kenney writes that even Don Draper, in all his creative glory, can’t hold a candle to Edward Bernays when it comes to influencing the society in which he lived. In many ways, Bernays was an early architect of modern consumer culture.

3) What Raj the Cabbie teaches us all about business (Chris Brogan) — Author Chris Brogan re-learns valuable business development lessons during a short drive with a San Jose cabbie.

4) New data proves value of social media for advocacy (K Street Cafe) — The Congressional Management Foundation’s newest report on Capitol Hill’s use of social media is out.  But what does that mean for advocacy professionals?