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1) Why startups should pay attention to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan (Both Sides of the Table) — Serial entrepreneur Mark Suster outlines five communications lessons startups can learn from presidential candidate Herman Cain. (Note: Suster’s blog post was written prior to news reports of sexual harassment allegations against Mr. Cain).

2) Big brands like Facebook, but they don’t like to pay (The Wall Street Journal) — Everybody wants to be liked. The question for Facebook Inc. is how much advertisers are willing to pay for the opportunity to be liked.

3) Exclusive scoops less valuable to web journalists (Poynter) — A new survey indicates that just 25 percent of people working in online media believe it’s “extremely important” to have an exclusive on a story, compared to 42 percent of their counterparts in traditional media.

4) The value of accentuating differences (This is Seth’s Blog) — Seth Godin reminds us that the best way to describe your product is to remind your audience how it’s different from the competition.