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1) For web traffic, it’s Obama in a landslide (The New York Times) — Political campaigns might be using sophisticated techniques to attract potential voters to their Web sites, but data from Nielsen shows that President Obama holds the lion’s share of Web site visits. Also, Ron Paul is in the lead among the Republican presidential candidates.

2) How the GOP is selling its budget (Politico) — After 2011’s budget battles, House Republicans are increasingly relying on polling, new messaging and coalition-building to sell their new budget proposal.

3) CEO ignores PR advice, pleads for help (PR Daily) — In general, begging is a tactic that PR folks frown upon. But when Nick Sarillo, CEO of Nick’s Pizza & Pub, sent an email pleading for customers to help keep the doors open at his two Chicagoland restaurants, customers didn’t just respond. They rallied.

4) Marketing to women (Fast Company) — Ekaterina Walter writes that brands looking to increase market share need to look beyond superficial marketing ploys and understand that the women’s market isn’t a niche–it’s a driving force.