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1) 4 PR secrets from Trader Joe’s (PR Daily) — Here are three marketing lessons we can learn from Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe’s, who created one of the most well loved markets in America.

2) Americans still follow local newspapers closely (Pew Research Center) — A new survey from Pew should remind marketers not to ignore their local newspapers.  The polls that nearly three quarters of Americans  report following local news closely “most of the time, whether or not something important is happening.”

3) Your ad, as seen on Youtube (The New York Times) — Small businesses are known for making low-budget television advertisements. Now YouTube is encouraging those same mom-and-pop shops to take their homegrown commercials — and ad dollars — to its platform.

4) On and off the clock, conduct matters (The Deal Book) — Michael Peregrine argues that the old corporate compact – that a CEO’s private life is nobody’s business as long they don’t break any laws – is slowly falling by the wayside.  That can have major ramifications for a company’s public relations and reputation management strategy.