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Rubenstein links business success to the ability to communicate

When David Rubenstein speaks, people listen.  As Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, he has built a small private equity firm based in Washington, D.C., into a global success story with more than $1 billion under management.

So as a communications professional, I was heartened to come across this Rubenstein quote about the importance of communicating effectively:

“Richard Neustadt wrote a famous book called The Power of the Presidency, and he said the power of the presidency is the power to persuade. That’s true of all business activities. You’re really persuading people through writing or oral communications.  So learning how to persuade people, how to communicate, is very important.”

Rubenstein isn’t alone.  The Wall Street Journal reports that business schools are increasingly emphasizing writing skills as employers around the country complain about the poor communications skills of graduates entering the workforce.

So David Rubenstein has spoken.  As corporate leaders look to shake loose from an uncertain economy, here’s hoping they listen.