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1) Outdoor filmmaker relies on the power of storytelling (Matador Notebook) — Born out of a frustration with outdoor media, filmmaker Fitz Cahall has built a popular communications brand centered on the ageless power of storytelling.  As Cahall says, “traditional brands forgot about their readers and started focus on their ads.  Online storytelling is taking that back.”

2) Strategies for getting press attention for your small business (Inc.) — Inc. Magazine editor Norm Brodsky reminds readers that press coverage is not an on-demand service. You have to cultivate relationships for a long time and well in advance of needing them.

3) Home Depot puts a new spin on the idea of sales rep (Ad Age) — The Home Depot has created a new, hybrid group of social media associates that spends two days each week managing the retailer’s How-To Community and creating content for use across the company.

4) Journalists increasingly use social media for news gathering ( — Social media is being used more and more in newsrooms as a tool for newsgathering and verification, according to a new study.  The fourth annual Digital Journalism Study found that 47 percent of reporters used Twitter as a source, up from just 33 per cent last year.