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1) Financial advisers migrate online (The Wall Street Journal) — Financial advisers are increasingly embracing social media to develop closer relationships with clients and gain exposure to potential clients, particularly younger investors.

2) Trust in news organizations at an all-time low  (Pew Research Center) — Negative opinions about news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs on nine of 12 core measures the Pew Research Center has been tracking since 1985. However, news organizations are more trusted than many other institutions, including government and business.

3) New rules for online politics could be on horizon (Tech President) — As Facebook, Google and Twitter look to get deeper into the political advertising business, the Federal Election Commission may alter the way it regulates how campaigns use those companies’ advertising services.

4) How to create the ultimate online media kit (Intentional Leadership) — Michael Hyatt explains that once you have completed your work on a new product—whether it is a book, a record, or even a blog—you will probably have some time before it is available to the market. This is the perfect opportunity to get your ducks in a row and prepare for the launch.