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1)  IRS looking for PR help (The Wall Street Journal) — The Internal Revenue Service, which ranks among the least favorable federal government agencies, is seeking PR help to promote its earned income tax credit and small business retirement plans.

2) Campaigns use ‘microtargeting’ to attract voters online (The New York Times) — Political campaigns, which have borrowed tricks from Madison Avenue for decades, are now fully engaged on the latest technological frontier in advertising: aiming specific ads at potential supporters based on where they live, the Web sites they visit and their voting records.

3) Five smartest business tips from the campaign trail ( — Author Steve Cody says the 2012 campaign is not all Super PACs and mudslinging. In fact, every business executive can learn valuable lessons from inside the Beltway and on the campaign trail.

4) Industry groups join forces to start measuring public relations (PR Daily) — Five organizations are teaming up to create a set of standards for public relations measurement.  The goal is to create a common measuring stick that organizations can use to gauge the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of PR efforts.