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1) White House considers new social media avenues (National Journal) — White House communications staffers are investigating social media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter in an effort to broaden the Obama administration’s public engagement, a White House aide said last week.

2) The Pope sends his first tweet (Mashable) — It’s official.  The Pope is using Twitter.  His Holiness used the Vatican’s Twitter account to announce the launch of a new online news platform.

3) Chesapeake Energy combats The New York Times with social media (Nieman Lab) — How does a stodgy energy company respond to a New York Times editorial blasting its accounting practices? Chesapeake Energy passed on sending a press release and turned to social media to execute its rapid response plan.

4) Mandatory social media training in the offing for journalists (The Washington Post) — The Washington Post has begun mandatory social media training for reporters and editors in its Metro section so they can more effectively monitor, report and convey news from around the Beltway.