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1) The worst PR on Earth (Day) (Fast Company) — It’s that time of the year again, when publicists everywhere pitch their most eco-friendly products in the silliest of ways. Writer Morgan Clendaniel hopes they’re at least diluting real environmentalism with reclaimed water.

2) Evacuees of Texas wildfires turn to internet (New York Times) — When wildfires threatened dozens of north Texas towns in recent weeks, citizens harnessed social media to cope with a disaster.

3) Corporate reputation “stumble rates” still high (Reputation Xchange) — Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross examines the common traits between companies that suffer dings to their reputations, including CEO transitions and financial performance.

4) Iowa governor to host weekly Youtube address (Tech President) — Continuing to modernize how leaders connect with stakeholders, Governor Terry Branstad will be soliciting questions via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, then responding to them in a weekly segment called “Ask the Gov.”