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1) Reputation Management: Don’t play the victim (Financial Times) — Zappos and Sony recently took two very different approaches to protecting their reputations from threats.  Here’s why Zappos came out on top.

2) Yankees prep players for media interviews (USA Today) — No team goes to greater lengths to prepare its players to deal with the media than the New York Yankees.  That’s the reality for athletes who play for one of the world’s most scrutinized sports franchises.

3) Five emerging PR trends – and the skills they require (PR Daily) —  The advent of social media means there are new ways to find audiences, new media through which to convey messages, and tons of opportunities to connect with your brand’s fans.  Here’s a look at the trends in the PR business to help determine which skills you really need.

4) How to use contests to market your business ( — Here are a few tips from Susan Koger, co-founder of Modcloth, and Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, on how to use contests to engage potential customers.