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1) Nine ways to engage bloggers (Jonathan Rick) — If you can pitch a reporter, producer, or booker, you can pitch a blogger. After all, bloggers are just people—susceptible to the same charm-and-disarm techniques that every PR pro performs every day.

2) Microsoft earns straight A’s for its swift response on Twitter (PR Daily) — A recent study from eMarketer found consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that answer them on Twitter, proving brands cannot afford to ignore social media as a consumer channel. The top-ranked brand? Microsoft.

3) A digital crisis is coming your way. Are you ready? (Forbes) — Nearly 8 out of 10 business leaders believe their company is less than a year away from a potential “bet the company” crisis, according to a new study. Most of them believe that crisis will arise within the online space.

4) Four ways to trigger creative ideas (Accidental Creative) — It’s easy to get stuck in ruts when looking for new ideas. AC founder Todd Henry suggests a few places he thinks are especially effective in triggering new creative insights.