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1) Inside the Israeli military’s social media squad (Fast Company) — A representative for the Israeli Defense Forces discusses why a violent Mideast conflict needs to be on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. He also offers new insight into hackers attacking military sites and public relations in the age of BuzzFeed.

2) How to sell a $1 snow globe for $59. The real ROI of brand storytelling (Fast Company) — Here’s the surprising tale of what happens to the value of everyday objects when you imbue them with backstory.

3) How to pitch a morning news show (PR Daily) — Working with the media takes patience, know-how, and a true understanding of an industry that revolves around deadlines and timing. Part of that understanding comes with crafting the perfect pitch.

4) Marketers, go back to basics (Harvard Business Review) — Dorie Clark writes that many companies are needlessly forsaking some time-tested marketing strategies that still have life in them.