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1)  The McRib’s magic marketing sauce (Inc. Magazine) —   McDonald’s brought back its McRib sandwich this week – but only for a limited time. What can a boneless BBQ pork sandwich teach you about marketing? More than you might think.

2)  Which airline has the worst reputation? (PR Daily) — American Airlines is the worst airline in the world, according to a recent study of social media trends by Amplicate.

3)  Obama Adviser on mobilizing communities (Media Bistro) — Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs outlines a few lessons he learned about galvanizing online supporters behind President Obama’s agenda. Among the lessons: Customers are in control and they have an inordinate amount of choices.

4)  Few companies offer customer service on Facebook, Twitter (PR Daily) — A new MarketTools study reveals that only 23 percent of companies provide customer service and support via Facebook, with a mere 12 percent providing it through Twitter. The study also showed that only 34 percent of executives surveyed were aware of customers using social media to comment on or complain about their company and its products.